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Adult function of GFRα1 in medial habenula neurons


Molpark kick-off in Turkey

Izmir & Ephesus, Turkey
April 24-27, 2009

European Union network (FP7) with the groups of Rudiger Klein, Alun Davies, Patrik Ernfors, Mart Saarma, Patricia Salinas, Carlos Ibanez and the companies Cerebricon and Actar.

Excellent science in an amazing setting. Click on thumbnail for more images.

Activation of the p75 neurotrophin receptor through conformational rearrangement of disulphide-linked receptor dimers
Vilar, M., Charalampopoulos, I., Kenchappa, R.S., Simi, A., Karaca, E., Reversi, A., Choi, S., Bothwell, M., Mingarro, I., Friedman, W.J., Schiavo, G., Bastiaens, P.I.H., Verveer, P.J., Carter, B.D. and Ibanez, C.F. (2009)
Neuron, 62, 72-83
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