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Adult function of GFRα1 in medial habenula neurons


Assembly and activation of neurotrophic factor receptor complexes

Simi, A. and Ibanez, C.F. (2010)
Dev. Neurobiol. 70, 323-331
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New lab member on its way

Annalisa Vicario is to join our group on May 2010. Annalisa defended her thesis in the group of Enrico Tongiorgi at University of Trieste, Italy. Her thesis work was on mechanisms controlling BDNF mRNA localization and regulation of protein expression. She will join our p75ntr team as a postdoc fellow. We look forward to have her in our group.

Molpark meeting in the Amalfi coast

Seiano, Pompei & Positano, Italy
April 25-28, 2010

Second plenary meeting of FP7 EU network Molpark with the groups of Rudiger Klein, Alun Davies, Patrik Ernfors, Mart Saarma, Patricia Salinas, Carlos Ibanez and the companies Cerebricon and Actar.

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Open positions: deadline coming close...

At the end of this month, the first deadline for postdoc position in several projects at our lab is closing. Visit the Open Positions page for more details.

Upcoming event: Molpark meeting in the Amalfi coast

A few of us are heading this weekend to the Amalfi coast for the second meeting of the Molpark network. If the Molpark kick-off meeting of last year in Izmir, Turkey may serve as an indication, this promises to be a memorable event. We are crossing our fingers hoping that the volcano in Island will not ruin our plans. Watch this space!

Postdoc alumni

NameCountry of originPeriod in the labLast seen atEmail
Hiroshi FunakoshiJapan1992-1995Asahikawa Medical University, Japan
Maria Elena FaxasCuba1995-1996Hospital Central de la Habana, Cuba
Mike FainzilberIsrael1995-1997Weizmann Institute, Israel
Beth-Anne SieberUSA1995-1998NINDS, USA
Malin BertholdSweden1997-1999Biovitrum AB, Sweden
Christopher NosratSweden1997-1999University of Tennessee, USA
Valerie BessetFrance1998-2001Sanofi-Aventis, France
Muriel CoulpierFrance1998-2001ENV d'Alfort, France
Svend KjaerDenmark1998-2004Cancer Research UK, UK
Jonas AndersGermany1999-2001Merk, Germany
Gustavo ParatchaArgentina1999-2004University of Buenos Aires, Argentina
Fernanda LeddaArgentina1999-2004University of Buenos Aires, Argentina
Shunsuke KobayashiJapan2000-2001Chiba University, Japan
Tie-Jun ShiChina2001-2003Karolinska Institute, Sweden
Marcal VilarSpain2001-2003Instituto Carlos III, Spain
Eva ReissmannGermany2001-2005Dresden Univ Hospital, Germany
Esther PozasSpain2002-2005IIB Barcelona, Spain
Chiara AbresciaItaly2003-2004University of Torino, Italy
Maribel MurilloSpain2004-2006Universidad de Cadiz, Spain
Kei KurokawaJapan2004Aichi Medical University, Japan
Philippe BertolinoFrance2004-2009Centre Leon-Berard, France
Soren RasmussenDenmark2005-2006Biotech in Denmark
Carlos SpuchSpain2005-2006University Hospital of Vigo, Spain
Alison CantyAustralia2005-2008University of Tasmania, Australia
Tatiana Sandoval-GuzmanMexico2005-2009Univ of Dresden, Germany
Ioannis CharalampopoulosGreece2006-2007Univ of Creete, Greece
Gireesh AnirudhanIndia2007-2008NCI, Netherlands
Malte WittmannGermnay2007-2009Biotech in Germany
Marco FelincuenteItaly2008-2009Postdoc in Italy
Ishrath AnsurudeenIndia2008-2011Karolinska Institutet, Sweden
Haiya WuChina2009-2011Scientist, Shanghai Diabetes Institute
Miriam SchiffGermany2010-2012Postdoc in Germany
Annalisa VicarioItaly2010-2012Transactiva Srl, Italy
Anastasia SimiGreece2007-2013Parental leave
Tingqing GuoChina2010-2013Novo Nordisk, Beijing, China
Nicanor Morales-DelgadoSpain2014Parental leave
Karima MezghennaFrance2012-2015Université de Montpellier
Nuria Gresa-ArribasSpain2014-2017Parental leave
Maritina SergakiGreece2010-2017IMP - Research Institute of Molecular Pathology
Sabrina ZechelGermany2009-2017Universitätsmedizin Göttingen, Germany
Shounak BaksiIndia2017-2018India
Lilian KisiswaSweden2013-2018Aarhus University, Denmark
Christina GöngrichGermany2009-2019Karolinska Hospital, Sweden
Claire KellyUnited Kingdom2011-2019Stockholm, Sweden
Patricia MarmolSpain2011-2019Parental leave
Ana Osorio OliveiraPortugal2019Stockholm, Sweden
Michael SaleebEgypt2019Postdoc in UK
Qiang ZhangChina2019-2021Industry job in China

PhD student alumni

NameCountry of originGraduation dateLast seen atEmail
Mikael RydenSweden25 April, 1997Karolinska Institute, Sweden
Leopold IlagPhilippines7 November 1997Stockholm University, Sweden
Peter LonnerbergSweden27 May, 1998Global Genomics AB, Sweden
Miles TruppUSA2 June, 1998Umeå University, Sweden
Thomas RingstedtSweden5 June, 1998Karolinska Institute, Sweden
Henrik JornvallSweden23 November, 2001Karolinska Hospital, Sweden
Rizaldy ScottPhilippines8 November, 2002Northwestern University, Chicago
Susana EketjallSweden12 November, 2002Astra Zeneca, Sweden
Andries BlokzijlSweden21 February, 2003Uppsala University, Sweden
Olov AnderssonSweden1 December, 2006Karolinska Institute, Sweden
Dan SjostrandSweden22 May, 2008Stockholm University, Sweden
Maurice PerrinjaquetSwitzerland16 December, 2010Biotech in USA
Carolyn MarksUSA7 December, 2012LifeSciLab, Sweden

Masters student alumni

NameCountry of originPeriod in the labLast seen atEmail
Louise BaarsSweden2000GE Healthcare Europe GmbH
Jenny GustafssonSweden2000
Carl DahlbergSweden2001Krinstineberg Marine Station, Sweden
Kalle MagnussonSweden2002-2003
Michael LindhSweden2003-2004Karolinska Institute, Sweden
Anne DanielssonSweden2003-2004Linkoping University, Sweden
Jule DietzeGermany2006-2007Univeristy of Marburg
Annica HoSweden2007-2008Karolinska Institute, Sweden
Methodios XimerakisGreece2008University of Crete, Greece
Valentina di LibertoItaly2008Washington University, San Louis, USA
Giovanna ArianoglouGreece2009University of Crete