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Adult function of GFRα1 in medial habenula neurons


Imminent arrival of new laser confocal microscope

It is the Zeiss LSM700 with four solid-state lasers mounted on an AxioImager Z2 stand. There is big excitment in the lab and we all hope that this will significantly improve the workflow of our microscopy work. The proof of the pudding…

Articles on TGFbeta signaling & ALK7

Articles on Ephrins and ChAT

Articles on stem cells

Articles on GDNF and their receptors

Articles on Neurotrophins and their receptors


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Upcoming event: Molpark network meets in the Finnish Lapland

The third meeting of the FP7 EU network Molpark will take place during March 27-30 at Saariselka in the Finnish Lapland, 250 km above the arctic circle. We will be heading over for some good science and the hope to see the Northern Lights. Watch this space for more, and look HERE for other Molpark events and announcements.