New postdoc fellow joins NUS group to unravel death receptor signaling in space and time

Liz Lim obtained a PhD at the Institute for Molecular and Cell Biology A*STAR, Singapore, under the supervision of Dr. Sohail Ahmed for her work on Cdc42 in filopida formation. She subsequently did postdoctoral studies at DUKE-NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore under the direction of Dr. Marc Fivaz during which she investigated alterations in axonal transport in neurons compromised in DISC1 function. She joins the group with an extensive experience in live cell imaging and several of the most important “F-techniques”, including FRET, FRAP and FLIM. Her task will be to unravel mechanisms of receptor activation and intracellular signal compartmentalization and  propagation in death receptors, including the p75 neurotrophin receptor.

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