Tingqing Guo joins NUS lab to set up metabolism programme

Three years after joining our group at the Karolinska Institute, Tingqing Guo moves to Singapore to lead our metabolism programme in NUS.

Tingqing Guo got his PhD at the Shanghai Institute of Biochemistry and Cell biology. His first postdoc was with the lab of Alexandra McPherron at NIDDK, NIH. His work at the McPherron lab focused on the role of myostatin in insulin sensitivity and fat deposition resulting in an influential paper in the journal Diabetes. During his tenure at our KI group, Tingqing spearheaded investigations on the role of TGF-beta superfamily receptors ALK4 ALK7 in metabolic regulation, with an emphasis on adipose tissue differentiation and physiology. He will continue those studies at our NUS lab in Singapore.

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