Two new Research Fellows join NUS group

Ee-Soo Lee obtained a PhD from the University of Groningen, The Netherlands, under the direction of Prof. Martin Harmsen. Her doctoral studies were based on investigations of the interplay between TGF-β and fluid shear stress in regulation of endothelial cell phenotype and functions, in the context of oxidative stress and cellular senescence. Ee-Soo is joining our nascent metabolism team to focus on studies at at understanding the signaling mechanisms by which teh action receptor ALK7 regulates catecholamine sensitivity in adipocytes.

Chang Liu defended her thesis at the University of Sydney, Australia, under the direction of Prof. Jürgen Götz. Her doctoral studies were aimed towards addressing  the distribution and physiological function of tau isoforms using tau isoform-specific monoclonal antibodies. Liu is joining our NUS group to lead a new line of research aimed towards the elucidation of the roles of neurotrophin signaling in cerebrovascular disease, focusing on their actions on cellular elements of the brain microvasculature under normal conditions and following cerebrovascular damage and AD-related neurodegeneration.

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