NMRC award to Carlos Ibanez Lab for metabolism work

The National Medical Research Council of Singapore has awarded a Collaborative Basic Research Grant (CBRG) to Carlos Ibanez for investigations into novel pathways controlling metabolic functions in adipose tissue. The award includes collaborative projects with Han Weiping, from the Singapore Bioimaging Consortium at ASTAR, Neerja Karnani, from the Singapore Institue for Clinical Sciences, and Asim Shabbir, from the National University Hospital of Singapore.

NUS, UCL, KI Neuroscience Workshop 2016

The NUS/UCL/KI Neuroscience Workshop 2016 is a 2-day symposium and workshop organised by NUS during 25-26 January featuring neuroscientists from two major NUS partner universities, University College London and Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, as well as local speakers from NUS, Duke-NUS, A*STAR, NNI and NTU.

For more information and registration please visit the Workshop website.

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