Carlos Ibanez launches twin laboratories at Peking University and Chinese Institute for Brain Research

Starting in January 2020, new laboratories dedicated to studies of growth factor receptor signaling and physiology will be established at the McGovern Institute of the School of Life Sciences in Peking University, and the Chinese Institute for Brain Research in Beijing, China. The research activities of the PKU and CIBR labs will run in parallel to and complement with those ongoing at the laboratories in Karolinska Institute and National University of Singapore. The initial focus of the Beijing labs will be on studies of death receptor signaling in neurodegeneation, metabolic regulation by activin receptors, control of brain microvasculature integrity and function by neurotrophin receptors, and a drug discovery program targeted to these receptors. PhD students, postdoctoral fellows and lab technicians are being recruited for the new Beijing laboratories. For details and how to apply, visit the Open Positions page. 

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