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PKC-mediated RhoGDI interaction with p75NTR JUX domain


Structure and chemical Inhibition of the RET tyrosine kinase domain
Knowless, P.P., Murray-Rust, J., Kjaer, S., Scott, R.P., Hanrahan, S., Santoro, M., Ibanez, C.F. and McDonald, N.Q. (2006)
J. Biol. Chem. 281, 33577-33587. [PDF]

Drosophila RET contains an active tyrosine kinase and elicits neurotrophic activities in mammalian cells
Abrescia, C., Sjostrand, D., Kjaer, S. and Ibanez, C.F. (2005)
FEBS Lett. 579, 3789-3796. [PDF]

Coordinated activation of autophosphorylation sites in the RET receptor tyrosine kinase: Importance of tyrosine 1062 for GDNF-mediated neuronal differentiation and survival
Coulpier, M., Anders, J., and Ibanez, C. F. (2002)
J. Biol. Chem. 277, 1991-1999 [PDF]

Molecular modeling of the extracellular domain of the RET receptor tyrosine kinase reveals multiple cadherin-like domains and a calcium-binding site
Anders, J., Kjaer, S., and Ibanez, C. F. (2001)
J. Biol. Chem. 276, 35806-35817. [PDF]

Determinants of ligand binding specificity in the GDNF family receptor alphas (GFRÅ’±s)
Scott, R. P., and Ibanez, C. F. (2001)
J. Biol. Chem. 276, 1450-1458. [PDF]

Released GFR alpha 1 potentiates downstream signaling, neuronal survival, and differentiation via a novel mechanism of recruitment of c-Ret to lipid rafts
Paratcha, G., Ledda, F., Baars, L., Coulpier, M., Besset, V., Anders, J., Scott, R., and Ibanez, C. F. (2001)
Neuron 29, 171-184 [PDF]

Signaling complexes and protein-protein interactions involved in the activation of the Ras and PI3K pathways by the c-Ret receptor tyrosine kinase
Besset, V., Scott, R. P., and Ibanez, C. F. (2000)
J. Biol. Chem. 275, 39159-39166. [PDF]

Mammalian GFRa4, a divergent member of the GFRa family of coreceptors for GDNF family ligands, is a receptor for the neurotrophic factor persephin
Masure, S., Cik, M., Hoefnagel, E., Nosrat, C. A., van Der Linden, I., Scott, R., Van Gompel, P., Lesage, A. S., Verhasselt, P., Ibanez, C. F., and Gordon, R. D. (2000)
J. Biol. Chem. 275, 39427-39434 [PDF]

Distinct structure elements in GDNF mediate binding to GFR alpha 1 and activation of the GFR alpha 1-c-Ret receptor complex
Eketjall, S., Fainzilber, M., Murray-Rust, J., and Ibanez, C. F. (1999)
EMBO J. 18, 5901-5910. [PDF]

Ret-dependent and -independent mechanisms of GDNF signalling in neuronal cells
Trupp, M., Scott, R., Whittemore, S. R., and Ibanez, C. F. (1999)
J. Biol. Chem. 274, 20885-20894 [PDF]

Multiple GPI-anchored receptors control GDNF-dependent and independent activation of the c-Ret receptor tyrosine kinase
Trupp, M., Raynoschek, C., Belluardo, N., and Ibanez, C. F. (1998)
Mol. Cell. Neurosci. 11, 47-63 [PDF]

Complementary and overlapping expression of glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor (GDNF), c-ret proto-oncogene, and gdnf receptor-alpha indicates multiple mechanisms of trophic actions in the adult rat CNS
Trupp, M., Belluardo, N., Funakoshi, H., and Ibanez, C. F. (1997)
J. Neurosci. 17, 3554-3567 [PDF]

Functional receptor for glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor encoded by the c-ret proto-oncogene product
Trupp, M., Arenas, E., Fainzilber, M., Nilsson, A.-S., Sieber, B. A., Grigoriou, M., Kilkenny, C., Salazar-Grueso, E., Pachnis, V., Arumae, U., Sariola, H., Saarma, M., and Ibanez, C. F. (1996)
Nature 381, 785-789 [PDF]

GDNF prevents degeneration and promotes the phenotype of brain noradrenergic neurons in vivo
Arenas, E., Trupp, M., Akerud, P., and Ibanez, C. F. (1995)
Neuron 15, 1465-1473 [PDF]

Peripheral expression and biological activities of GDNF, a new neurotrophic factor for avian and mammalian peripheral neurons
Trupp, M., Ryden, M., Jornvall, H., Timmusk, T., Funakoshi, H., Arenas, E., and Ibanez, C. F. (1995)
J. Cell Biol. 130, 137-148 [PDF]

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