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Articles from Carlos Ibanez postdoc

Structure-function studies of nerve growth factor: functional importance of highly conserved amino acid residues
Ibanez, C.F., Hallbook, F., Ebendal, T. and Persson, H. (1990)
EMBO J., 9: 1477-1483 [PDF]

Molecular cloning and neurotrophic activities of a protein with structural similarities to b-nerve growth factor: developmental and topographical expression in the brain
Ernfors, P., Ibanez, C.F., Ebendal, T., Olson, L. and Persson, H. (1990)
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 87: 5454-5458 [PDF]

Evolutionary studies of the nerve growth factor family reveal a novel member abundantly expressed in Xenopus ovary
Hallbook, F., Ibanez, C.F. and Persson, H. (1991)
Neuron, 6: 845-858 [PDF]

Expression of choline acetyltransferase mRNA in spermatogenic cells results in an accumulation of the enzyme in the postacrosomal region of mature spermatozoa
Ibanez, C.F., Pelto-Huikko, M., Soder, O., Ritzen, E.M., Hersh, L.B., Hokfelt, T. and Persson, H. (1991)
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 88: 3676-3680 [PDF]

Localization of sequences determining cell type specificity and NGF responsiveness in the promoter region of the rat choline acetyltransferase gene
Ibanez, C.F. and Persson, H. (1991)
Eur J Neurosci, 3: 1309-1315 [PDF]

Chimeric molecules with multiple neurotrophic activities reveal structural elements determining the specificities of NGF and BDNF
Ibanez, C.F., Ebendal, T. and Persson, H. (1991)
EMBO J., 10: 2105-10 [PDF]

Developmental and regional expression of choline acetyltransferase mRNA in the rat central nervous system
Ibanez, C.F., Ernfors, P. and Persson, H. (1991)
J. Neurosci. Res., 29: 163-171 [PDF]

Biological and immunological properties of recombinant human, rat and chicken nerve growth factors: a comparative study
Ibanez, C.F., Hallbook, F., Soderstrom, S., Ebendal, T. and Persson, H. (1991)
J. Neurochem., 57: 1033-1041 [PDF]

Disruption of the low affinity receptor-binding site in NGF allows neuronal survival and differentiation by binding to the trk gene product
Ibanez, C.F., Ebendal, T., Barbany, G., Murray-Rust, J., Blundell, T.L. and Persson, H. (1992)
Cell, 69: 329-341 [PDF]

Expression of neurotrophin-4 messenger RNA during oogenesis in Xenopus-laevis
Ibanez, C.F., Hallbook, F., Godeau, F. and Persson, H. (1992)
Int. J. Dev. Biol., 36: 239-245 [PDF]

Mammalian neurotrophin-4: structure, chromosomal localization, tissue dietribution and receptor specificity
Ip, N.Y., Ibanez, C.F., Nye, S.H., McClain, J., Jones, P.F., Gies, D.R., Belluscio, L., Le Beau, M.M., Espinosa III, R., Squinto, S.P., Persson, H. and Yancopoulos, G. (1992)
Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, 89: 3060-3064 [PDF]

Neurotrophin-4 is a target-derived neurotrophic factor for neurons of the trigeminal ganglion
Ibanez, C.F., Ernfors, P., Timmusk, T., Ip, N.Y., Arenas, E., Yancopoulos, G.D. and Persson, H. (1993)
Development, 117: 1345-1353 [PDF]

An extended surface of binding to Trk tyrosine kinase receptors in NGF and BDNF allows the engineering of a multifunctional pan-neurotrophin
Ibanez, C.F., Ilag, L.L., Murray-Rust, J. and Persson, H. (1993)
EMBO J, 12: 2281-2293 [PDF]

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