Masters student alumni

NameCountry of originPeriod in the labLast seen atEmail
Louise BaarsSweden2000GE Healthcare Europe GmbH
Jenny GustafssonSweden2000
Carl DahlbergSweden2001Krinstineberg Marine Station, Sweden
Kalle MagnussonSweden2002-2003
Michael LindhSweden2003-2004Karolinska Institute, Sweden
Anne DanielssonSweden2003-2004Linkoping University, Sweden
Jule DietzeGermany2006-2007Univeristy of Marburg
Annica HoSweden2007-2008Karolinska Institute, Sweden
Methodios XimerakisGreece2008University of Crete, Greece
Valentina di LibertoItaly2008Washington University, San Louis, USA
Giovanna ArianoglouGreece2009University of Crete

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