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PKC-mediated RhoGDI interaction with p75NTR JUX domain


Masters student alumni

NameCountry of originPeriod in the labLast seen atEmail
Louise BaarsSweden2000GE Healthcare Europe GmbH
Jenny GustafssonSweden2000
Carl DahlbergSweden2001Krinstineberg Marine Station, Sweden
Kalle MagnussonSweden2002-2003
Michael LindhSweden2003-2004Karolinska Institute, Sweden
Anne DanielssonSweden2003-2004Linkoping University, Sweden
Jule DietzeGermany2006-2007Univeristy of Marburg
Annica HoSweden2007-2008Karolinska Institute, Sweden
Methodios XimerakisGreece2008University of Crete, Greece
Valentina di LibertoItaly2008Washington University, San Louis, USA
Giovanna ArianoglouGreece2009University of Crete

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