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PKC-mediated RhoGDI interaction with p75NTR JUX domain


PhD student alumni

NameCountry of originGraduation dateLast seen atEmail
Mikael RydenSweden25 April, 1997Karolinska Institute, Sweden
Leopold IlagPhilippines7 November 1997Stockholm University, Sweden
Peter LonnerbergSweden27 May, 1998Global Genomics AB, Sweden
Miles TruppUSA2 June, 1998UmeƄ University, Sweden
Thomas RingstedtSweden5 June, 1998Karolinska Institute, Sweden
Henrik JornvallSweden23 November, 2001Karolinska Hospital, Sweden
Rizaldy ScottPhilippines8 November, 2002Northwestern University, Chicago
Susana EketjallSweden12 November, 2002Astra Zeneca, Sweden
Andries BlokzijlSweden21 February, 2003Uppsala University, Sweden
Olov AnderssonSweden1 December, 2006Karolinska Institute, Sweden
Dan SjostrandSweden22 May, 2008Stockholm University, Sweden
Maurice PerrinjaquetSwitzerland16 December, 2010Biotech in USA
Carolyn MarksUSA7 December, 2012LifeSciLab, Sweden

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