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PKC-mediated RhoGDI interaction with p75NTR JUX domain


Andries Blokzijl

“Ligand-receptor interactions and signaling crosstalk in the TGF-b superfamily”
21 February, 2003

Abstract from KI website

External examiner:
Caroline Hill
Cancer Research UK
London, UK

This thesis is based on the following papers:

I. Jornvall, H., Blokzijl, A., ten Dijke, P., and Ibanez, C. F. (2001) The orphan receptor serine/threonine kinase ALK7 signals arrest of proliferation and morphological differentiation in a neuronal cell line. J. Biol. Chem. 276, 5140-5146. [PDF]

II. Reissmann, E., Jornvall, H.*, Blokzijl, A.*, Andersson, O., Chang, C., Minchiotti, G., Persico, M., Ibanez, C. F., and Brivanlou, A. H. (2001) The orphan receptor ALK7 and the Activin receptor ALK4 mediate signaling by Nodal proteins during vertebrate development. Genes & Dev. 15, 2010-2022. *Equal contribution. [PDF]

III. Blokzijl, A., ten Dijke, P., and Ibanez, C. F. (2002) Physical and functional interaction between GATA-3 and Smad3 allows TGF-bregulation of GATA target genes. Curr. Biol. 12, 35-45. [PDF]

IV. Blokzijl, A., Reissmann, E., and Ibanez, C. F. (2003) Physical and functional interactions between Smad proteins and Phox2 homeodomain transcription factors. Manuscript.

V. Blokzijl, A., Dahlqvist, C., Reissmann, E., Falk, A., Moliner, A., Lendahl, U., and Ibanez, C. F. (2003) Crosstalk between the Notch and TGF-b signaling pathways mediated by interaction of the Notch intracellular domain with Smad3. Manuscript. Later published in 2003: J. Cell Biol. 163, 723-728. [PDF]

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