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PKC-mediated RhoGDI interaction with p75NTR JUX domain


Olov Andersson

“Genetic analysis of ligand-recpetor interactions in the TGF-b superfamily during early embryonic development”
01 December, 2006

Abstract from KI website

External examiner:
Se-Jin Lee
Dept. of Molecular Biology and Genetics
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Baltimore, USA

This thesis is based on the following papers:

I. Reissmann, E., Jornvall, H., Blokzijl, A., Andersson, O., Chang, C., Minchiotti, G., Persico, M., Ibanez, C. F., and Brivanlou, A. H. (2001) The orphan receptor ALK7 and the Activin receptor ALK4 mediate signaling by Nodal proteins during vertebrate development.Genes & Dev. 15, 2010-2022. *Equal contribution. [PDF]

II. Jornvall, H., Reissmann, E., Andersson, O., Mehrkash, M. and Ibanez, C.F. (2004) ALK7, a receptor for Nodal, is dispensable for embryogenesis and left-right patterning in the mouse. Mol. Cell. Biol., 24, 9383-9389. [PDF]

III. Andersson, O., Reissmann, E., Jornvall, H. and Ibanez, C.F. (2006) Synergistic interaction between Gdf1 and Nodal during anterior axis development. Dev. Biol., 293, 370-381. [PDF]

IV. Andersson, O., Reissmann, E. and Ibanez, C.F. (2006) Growth differentiation factor 11 signals through the transforming growth factorbeta receptor ALK5 to regionalize the anterior-posterior axis. EMBO Rep., 7, 831-837. [PDF]

V. Andersson O, Ibanez CF. (2006) Distinct and cooperative roles of mammalian Vg1 homologs GDF1 and GDF3 during embryonic patterning. Manuscript. Later published in Dev. Biol., 311, 500-511. [PDF]

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