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PKC-mediated RhoGDI interaction with p75NTR JUX domain


Dan Sjostrand

“GDNF and its receptors : A structure-function analysis of the NCAM-GDNF-GFRa1 complex and an examination of potential receptor candidates”
22 May, 2008

Abstract from KI website

External examiner:
Rudiger Klein
Max Planck Institute of Neurobiology
Martinsried, Germany

This thesis is based on the following papers:

I. Sjostrand, D., Carlsson, J., Paratcha, G,. Persson, B. and Ibanez, C.F. (2007) Disruption of the GDNF binding site in NCAM dissociates ligand binding and homophilic cell adhesion. J. Biol. Chem., 282, 12734-12740.[PDF]

II. Sjostrand and Ibanez, C.F. (2008) Insights into GFRa1 Regulation of Neural Cell Adhesion Molecule (NCAM) Function from Structure-Function Analysis of the NCAM/GFRa1 Receptor . J. Biol. Chem., 283, 13792 -13798.[PDF]

III. Abrescia, C., Sjostrand, D., Kjaer, S. and Ibanez, C.F. (2005) Drosophila RET contains an active tyrosine kinase and elicits neurotrophic activities in mammalian cells. FEBS Lett. 579, 3789-3796. [PDF]

IV. Sjostrand, D., Moliner, A. and Ibanez, C.F. (2008) GDNF signaling in GABAergic neurons of the medial ganglionic eminence: Roles of Met and ErbB4. Manuscript. Later published in 2011: J. Cell Sci., 124, 2797-2805. [PDF]

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