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Adult function of GFRα1 in medial habenula neurons


Maurice Perrinjaquet

“Control of neuronal survival, migration and outgrowth by GDNF and its receptors”
16 December, 2010

Abstract from KI website

External examiner:
Rosalind Segal
Departments of Neurobiology, Cancer Biology and Pediatric Oncology
Harvard Medical School and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Boston, MA, USA

This thesis is based on the following papers:

I. Perrinjaquet, M., Vilar, M. and Ibanez, C.F. (2010) Protein-tyrosine phosphatase SHP2 contributes to GDNF neurotrophic activity through direct binding to phospho-Tyr687 in the RET receptor tyrosine kinase. J. Biol. Chem. 285, 31867-31875. [PDF]

II. Perrinjaquet, M., Sjostrand, D., Moliner, A., Zechel, S., Lambelle, F., Maina, F. and Ibanez, C.F. (2010). Met signaling in GABAergic neurons of the medial ganglionic eminence restricts GDNF activities in cells expressing GFRa1 and a novel transmembrane receptor. Manuscript. Later published in 2011: J. Cell Sci., 124, 2797-2805. [PDF]

III. Kjaer, S., Kurokawa, K., Perrinjaquet, M., Abrescia, C., and Ibanez, C.F. (2006) Self-association of the transmembrane domain of RET underlines oncogenic activation by MEN2A mutattions. Oncogene 25, 7086-7095. [PDF]

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